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>> Where to start:

 First day in Lima? Wanna get a taste of the nightlife in Lima? First keep in mind this city is very big, you have to take into account that we are almost 13 million inhabitants and although the party can be well dispersed throughout the metropolis there are places that are worth gold when it comes to experiencing the night in the alternative city of Lima, so I will be your spiritual guide and let me advise you to remember my city so well that you want to return.

 What to do in Lima? where do I spend my time in Lima? what are the best places in Lima? The districts of Lima have many nuances and contrasts is like a kind of different groups with different tastes that are placed in different locations within the city : raves, Jazz, Jaams, clubbing, Squads, theaters, etc. Nothing is left out when it comes to celebrating, making art, music and obviously partying, but everyone is welcome! So I will leave you with the places that are a must on your list if you are passing through the old city of Kings.

>> Where to go:

 Make your own Pub Crawl around Lima - here's our cheat list from great, to amazing!

[01] La Bodega Verde

 The “Bodega Verde” is a quiet option and even something hipster to start with, if you want to relax at night you can take a few beers craft, eating snacks BIO this may be your option, an old house in the most bohemian district of the city "Barranco" welcomes you with open doors, the attention is top and super friendly, you'll feel at home. In the lounge we have books for public use, an excellent wifi and even board games. If your thing is to sit down and talk, they have a very cozy terrace and don't think that it can be very relaxing, if you are looking for a party, better check out Lima Original Pub Crawl.

[02] Shushupe aka Trapiche

 You wanted to go to the Amazon or the jungle, maybe you're looking for exotic things and you don't have the time? This is the solution "Trapiche" is an Amazon style bar, the decoration the cocktails are totally aphrodisiac. Let me tell you the name of some of the drinks to give you an idea: RC (Breaking Panties), 7 times without taking out, EL para para, 7 raices and more, these are some of the drinks they offer you and you will want some more, located in the heart of "Barranco" this Bar/pub leaves you a good taste in your mouth without a doubt and if by chance with all this stimulus you felt like dancing, don't worry either because they have a decent dance floor to take out all that Amazon beast inside of you.

[03] La Casona de Camana

 First: Lima downtown is a mystical, super alternative place and second: La Casona de Camana is the perfect alternative to stay away the mainstream crowd. I'll tell you how it is, you'll get to the center while walking through the streets of colonial Lima and you'll find this little gem. One venue from the times of the kings is where you go to enjoy the varied musical menu that offers this place, rock, jazz, punk, Cumbia, electronic, salsa, you name it!, you should check the official page on facebook to see what types of events there are depending on the day, this works from Wednesday to Sunday so you will always find something interesting, do not worry about the service as they have 3 bars so you don’t stay thirsty.

[04] Sisifuz

 Here it feels like Europe in Lima! Electro all the way! Best day to go to SISIFUZ is Thursday: best vibe, right atmosphere, chill crowd. That bar is the place where national and international DJ's get together, only to cook the best beats that Lima nightlife has to offer. The 3 floors of the venue vibrates on pure electro beats, each with a different twist. Great cocktails and bar service justify slightly higher prices. Don't miss out!

[05] Bizarro

 Among the Miraflorinos this club is a MUST TO DO IN LIMA! is large with two areas: one of electronic music and the other of reggaeton with Latin music, exactly!, how great is this place right?, you won’t have to convince your friends to come because there is for everyone, the service is top, especially the entrance is always free for tourists but take your ID because they are very strict with this issue, if you're in Miraflores and want to continue the party this is the place, try to arrive before 1am, friend's advice.

[06] Casa del Auxilio

 The Centro de Lima will never stop surprising you and this place is that, pure surprise! To begin with it's like a kind of squat, but in one way or another it's placed in the top of alternative parties in Lima, the place itself doesn't say anything *it's a big old house from the colonial era* super nice but very, very old, this peculiar house is the temple of the party "Techitos Legales", local and foreign Djs with rhythms to move your hips non-stop, beer at the right price, delicious "Chilcanos" (pisco based cocktail) make it more than attractive for anyone willing to try the juicy part of Lima party scene.

[07] Feria Bar Lima

 You are walking through the center of the district of BARRANCO and people start coming out from everywhere trying to get you into their disco or pub, well don't do it and don't worry, in that sea of voice spam there is an oasis that will calm down your desire to have a good time, "FERIA BAR" is in my opinion the only one that fits the situation in the middle of the "Boulevard de Barranco". There are 3 different areas, the best one is the terrace in the third level, wide and colorful, a great range of cocktails and live dj's, the party goes on until dawn in the second level behind closed doors! ;)

[08] Juanito's

 Here we talk about serious things, this bar is for connoisseurs of the good Chilcano de Pisco and the good taste, the tap beer is fresh like the sea and the tasty sandwiches that it offers in its menu has crowned this bar as the best venue for the previous game for more than 50 years, the style of this cool place is very simple but with a lot of attitude where the past generations and the contemporary ones meet to celebrate as always it has been made in the Lima of long ago at the sound of cajón criollo (peruvian music instrument)

[09] Ayahuasca

 Also located in the district of Barranco this bar sits inside a large house whose glory goes back to the end of the XIX century, a luxurious but not expensive place, in comparison quality price this bar makes you live a unique experience. The menu is amazing with a variety of flavors and exotic fruits of the Amazon and the Andes in all their cocktails, good music with different levels of volume to talk quietly is a jewel!, try their best cocktails: Algarrobina & Chilcano de Aguaymanto will leave you wanting for some more!

[10] Garrison Bar & Green Garden

 Barranco will never let you down and this bar is something you may be looking for and will not find on your own. The place is super ample for large groups, they consider themselves as a whiskey bar (and have some very good ones even a purple corn one) however they have a decent menu of craft beers and good tap beers, but the good part is that their menu is great, from pizzas with portobello and caramelized onions to angus beef burgers with very tasty sauces. From 10pm every Friday and Saturday they have dj's that warm up the audience with NO MAINSTREAM beats, in itself the place is so wide that it becomes a great dance floor, a good place to spend a divine night with friends!

 That's all for now! Did we miss anything? Write us: info@originalpubcrawl.com
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